Executive Committee (2003-2008) Agenda - 07 September 2004, 10:30 Help

A meeting to be held at Council Chamber, Town Hall, LERWICK, Shetland Isles at 10:30 on 07 September 2004.

Number Item
 Hold circular calling the meeting as read. View Papers
(b)Apologies for absence, if any.
(c)Members' Attendance at External Meetings View Papers
(d)Minutes of Meetings held on 22 June and 28 June 2004 View Papers
01Internal Audit - Progress Report - A Job Worth Doing - Raising the Standard of Internal Audit in Scottish Councils.  View Papers
02Statutory Performance Indicators and Public Performance Reporting for 2003/04.  View Papers
03General Fund Revenue Management Accounts 2004/05 for the period 1 April 2004 to 30 June 2004.  View Papers
04Proposed Code of Practice for In-House Bids. View Papers
05Community Planning Board - Constitution and Standing Orders.  View Papers
06AirTravel: Corporate Procurement Policy. View Papers
07Projects Assisted under Delegated Schemes - 2003/04. View Papers
08Business Enterprise Scheme - Phase III - COPE Ltd - Shetland Soda Company.  View Papers
09Single Status Project Update. View Papers
For Decision 
10Best Value Update View Papers
For Information 
11Special Meeting of Shetland College/Train Shetland Board of Management View Papers
12Notes of Forums
(a)Economic Development Forum - 15 June 2004 View Papers
(b)Special Environment and Transport Forum - 17 June 2004 View Papers
(c)Economic Development Forum - 6 July 2004 View Papers
(d)Economic Development Forum - 10 August 2004 View Papers
(e)Environment and Transport Forum - 17 August 2004 View Papers
(f)Social Forum - 19 August 2004 View Papers
13Shetland Development Trust Minutes View Papers
The following items contain Confidential Information. 
(a)Shetland Development Trust - 26 May 2004 View Papers
(b)Shetland Development Trust - 28 May 2004 View Papers
(c)Shetland Development Trust - 23 June 2004 View Papers
(d)Shetland Development Trust - 2 July 2004 View Papers
(e)Shetland Development Trust - 21 July 2004 View Papers
The following items contain Exempt Information. 
14Viking Energy Ltd - Procurement of Met Mests View Papers