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This page shows you Andrea I Manson declared interests.

Date Section Type Description
04/05/2017 Category 1 Remuneration S/E Mid Brae Inn (Partnership); Dir. Mid Brae Inn (Shetland) Ltd; Dir. St Magnus Bay Hotel Ltd; S/E Olna Properties; Dir. Greystones Guesthouse (Shetland) Ltd; Dir Phaim Ltd.
04/05/2017 Category 2 Related Undertakings None
04/05/2017 Category 3 Contracts None
04/05/2017 Category 4 Election Expenses None
04/05/2017 Category 5 Houses, Land and Buildings Greystones, Brae; Braeside, Brae; Braeside Cottage, Brae; Shinshima, Brae; Mid Brae Inn (Joint); St Magnus Bay Hotel, Hillswick (Joint); 10 Mulla, Voe (Joint); 13 Mulla, Voe (Joint); 18 Mulla, Voe (Joint); Stobrek, Hillswick (Joint); Land at Olna, Brae (Joint); Seaview, Hillswick (Phaim Ltd); Shed in Ollaberry (Phaim Ltd).
04/05/2017 Category 6 Shares and Securities St Magnus Bay Hotel Ltd; Greystones Guesthouse (Shetland) Ltd; Mid Brae Inn (Shetland) Ltd; Phaim Ltd.
04/05/2017 Category 7 Gifts and Hospitality None
04/05/2017 Category 8 Non-Financial Interests Ex-Officio SIC Member - Delting Community Council; Ex-Officio SIC Member - Nesting & Lunnasting Community Council; Ex-Officio SIC Member - Northmavine Community Council; Brae Hall Committee - Trustee; Shetland Charitable Trust [until 3/5/17]; Voxter Centre Trust [until 3/5/17]; KIMO from 18/5/17; SVA from 18/5/17; SADP [until 3/5/17]; SOTEAG [until 3/5/17].