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This is a list of all Malcolm Bell Outside Body Membership.

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Body Order the Results By Body Role Order the Results By Role Appointed Order the Results By Date Appointed Date Ended Order the Results By Date Appointment Ended
CoSLA Convention Substantive 23/05/2012 03/05/2017
Eliza Charlotte Harper Bequest Trust Ex-officio 23/05/2012 03/05/2017
Highlands and Islands Fire Board Substitute 23/05/2012 01/04/2013
Hunter Morrison Trust Ex-officio 23/05/2012 03/05/2017
KIMO Substitute 23/05/2012 03/05/2017
KIMO Member 18/05/2017  
Northern Community Justice Authority Substantive 23/05/2012 03/05/2017
Northern Joint Police Board Substitute 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
Nuclear Free Local Authorities (Scotland) (NFLA) Substantive 28/06/2017  
Shetland Charitable Trust Trustee 23/05/2012 05/12/2012
Shetland Charitable Trust Trustee 05/12/2012 03/05/2017
Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau Board of Management Substantive 23/05/2012 03/05/2017
Shetland/Vagsoy Twinning Association Member 23/05/2012 03/05/2017
Sullom Voe Association Ltd Director 23/05/2012  
The Shetland Trust Ex-officio 23/05/2012 03/05/2017