Emergency Services: In An Emergency Dial 999


Coastguard HelicopterIt is an actuality that breakdown, illness and injury do happen, Her Majesty Coastguard (HMCG) respond to all incidents on the coasts or at sea free of charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are also responsible for broadcasting Maritime Safety Information (MSI) using VHF, MF and NAVTEX and also the provision of a Radio Medical Link Call service (MEDILINK) in UK waters. Shetland Coastguard covers an area of 35,566 square nautical miles including both Shetland and Orkney’s coasts and waters.

Should any member of a crew require medical advice or assistance the Master or Skipper should contact Maritime Rescue Sub Centre (MRSC) Shetland using VHF or MF DSC, VHF channel 16 (156.8 MHz) or MF 2182 kHz. In an emergency situation, an urgency alert using the pro word PAN PAN should be made. The vessel will then be linked using the most suitable VHF channel or MF frequency to a doctor by the MRSC, and SAR units would be brought to immediate readiness.

Shetland has two Severn class R.N.L.I. all weather lifeboats: the Charles Lidbury based at Aith on the west and the Michael & Jane Vernon at Lerwick on the east of Shetland. As well as a rescue helicopter based at Sumburgh, on the South of the mainland, there are 33 teams of trained Volunteer Coastguards strategically placed throughout the islands. All RCCs have access to a translation service and are fitted with the latest communication equipment.

Requests for weather forecasts, general information or passing passage planning information can be made directly to MRSC Shetland 24 hours a day either by telephone on 01595 692976, VHF/MF radio telegraphy or Digital Selective Calling (DSC) using MRSC Shetlands MMSI, 002320001. Gale warnings, strong wind warnings, local navigation warnings, local inshore forecasts, extended weather outlook, navigation warnings and Sullom Voe traffic broadcasts are made at 01:05 UTC and every 4 hours subsequently.

Shetland Coastguard
Knab Road
Tel - 01595 692976


Location E-mail Telephone
Bixter health.centre@bixter.shetland.scot.nhs.uk 01595 810202
Brae brae.medicalcentre@brae.shetland.scot.nhs.uk 01806 522543
Hillswick health.centre@hillswick.shetland.scot.nhs.uk 01806 503277
Lerwick lerwick.doctors@lerwick.shetland.scot.nhs.uk 01595 693201
Levenwick surgery@levenwick.shetland.scot.nhs.uk 01950 422240
Scalloway doctors@scalloway.shetland.scot.nhs.uk 01595 880219
Unst health.centre@unst.shetland.scot.nhs.uk 01957 711318
Walls walls.surgery@walls.shetland.scot.nhs.uk 01595 809352
Whalsay health.centre@whalsay.shetland.scot.nhs.uk 01806 566219
Yell surgery@yell.shetland.scot.nhs.uk 01957 702127



Location Telephone
Bells Brae Dental Clinic,
Gilbertson Road,
01595 693204
Yell Dental Clinic,
North Isles Dental Service,
Mid Yell,
01957 702 031
Unst Dental Clinic,
North Isles Dental Service,
01957 711255

Brae Dental Clinic,
Brae Health Centre,

01806 522461


Police, Police Scotland (999)

Non emenrgency nation No 101


Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) (999)

Location Telephone
Aith Lifeboat 01595 810276
Lerwick Lifeboat 01595 693827


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