Loading and Discharging

While a vessel is alongside the main engines must be maintained in a state of readiness at all times for vacating the Terminal at short notice. Vessels undertaking approved repair work as detailed in Regulation 19 of ‘Jetty Safety Regulations’, may be allowed to immobilise under controlled conditions.

Load Line Regulations

For tankers departing between 16 October and 31 October and 1 April and 15 April inclusive the MCA has confirmed that vessels can load to summer marks providing they precede southerly after rounding Ramna Stacks or Muckle Flugga. If they proceed on a northerly course to the USA or Canada above 60º north after departing then North Atlantic Winter Season Zone 1 applies, i.e. winter marks.

Jetty Facilities

There are four jetties located in deep water on the northern shores of Sullom Voe. The jetties are numbered one to four in sequences from East to West:

Larger tankers may be accepted at the discretion of the Harbour Master and Terminal Operator.

Capacity of Jetties at Sullom Voe

Jetty Number LOA Minimum
Number one jetty 140 metres to 286 metres 17.8 16.8
Number two jetty 210 metres to 365 metres 23.1 22.1
Number three jetty 210 metres to 365 metres 25.0 24.0
Number four jetty
(currently out of service)
210 metres to 365 metres 23.6 22.6

Loading Systems

All crude loading arms are 150 ASA 16 inch hydraulic connections. This includes number one jetty where 16 inch connections are attached to 12 inch arms.

Loading Arm Size

Number one jetty


Number two jetty Crude 4 x 16"
Number three jetty Crude 4 x 16"
Number four jetty N/A

Connection of Loading Arms

Vessels should arrive with the required spool pieces fitted to their manifold. Manifolds should comply with the latest OCIMF Standards. As a minimum there must be 500mm between faces of reducer/spool presented for connection. Reducers must be equally tapered.

Failure to present correct reducer/spool will result in delays. The Terminal does not have reducers but does have 16” to 16” spool pieces. Should it be necessary to use the Terminal’s spools a charge will be levied.

Manifold Heights Above Chart Datum

Jetty Number   Maximum

Number one jetty
(currently out of service)



Number two jetty

Number three jetty
(currently out of service)

Number four jetty
(currently out of service)

Note: Maximum allowable pressure on lines and connections is 150 pounds per square inch.

Jetty Maximum Loading Rates

Jetty Number   MT/HR
Number one jetty
(currently out of service)

Number two jetty Crude 17,500
Number three jetty
(currently out of service)
Crude 7,920
Number four jetty
(currently out of service)

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