Walls Harbour

Walls lies on the south side of Shetland's West Mainland, at the head of Vaila Sound and sheltered even from southerly storms by the islands of Linga and Vaila.

There are well marked approaches into the harbour.

The new pier opened in the spring of 2014 with quay availability of 150 m and depth of 3.0 – 7.0 m (outer berth) which is extensively used by the salmon and mussel farming industries whose sites are located close by.


Location Map / Aerial Photo

Walls on Shetland Map

Harbour Data

Position 60 13' N 0001 34' W
Chart Reference 3295
North Coast of Scotland Pilot section ref 6.76 to 6.80

150 metres (New Pier)

24 metres (Old Pier)
Water Depth

3.0 to 7.0 metres (7.0m on outer Berth only) (New Pier)

4.0 metres (Old Pier)
Tidal Date (estimated)

MHWS = 2.0 MHWN = 1.5
MLWS = 0.5 MLWN = 0.8

Tidal Differences Approx time of high water from Lerwick = minus 0200


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