Cullivoe Harbour

Location Map / Aerial Photo

Cullivoe on Shetland MapCullivoe Harbour

Harbour Data

Position 60 42' N 01 00' W
Chart Reference 3292
North Coast of Scotland Pilot section ref 6.357
Fisherman's Pilot N&W Scotland  
Berthage 250 metres
Water Depth up to 6.0 metres
Tidal Date (estimated)

MHWS = 2.6 MHWN = 1.9
MLWS = 0.5 MLWN = 1.0

Tidal Differences Approx time of high water from Lerwick = minus 0145

Services Available

The completion of the £3m redevelopment of Cullivoe harbour, including a new breakwater, reclaimation of quay space for net-mending, provision of additional sheltered deep-water berths and the dredging of the port approaches to a minimum of 5.5m.

Cullivoe can offer support services available 24 hours a day, including:


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