Ship Failure and Emergency Procedures

Machinery failure

The regulations below are in effect in the event of a vessel suffering a machinery failure affecting seaworthiness within the Harbour area:

Emergency procedures

In the event of an emergency vessels should immediately contact Sullom Voe VTS on VHF Channel 14 or by telephone to 01806 242344. Emergency messages will then be passed to the Terminal Emergency Control Room.

On the Terminal the Emergency contact number is internal line 222.

All emergency services at the oil terminal are coordinated by the ‘Emergency Control Room’ situated at the terminal fire station.

On a vessel’s arrival at the terminal, the responsible ship’s officer and the Loading Master will discuss action to be taken in an emergency situation. The Master of the vessel should study and comply with the ‘Jetty Safety Regulations’, a copy of which will be supplied.

Safety inspections will be undertaken by terminal and Harbour Authority personnel throughout the vessel’s stay alongside.

Medical facilities

Medical attention for ships’ crews is available on request through agents. Some specialist services including inoculation and vaccination are available.


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