Ships will generally be berthed starboard side alongside the jetties. This involves swinging each vessel within the Voe.

There are four jetties located in deep water at Sullom Voe. Each jetty is of conventional T-shaped construction with four breasting dolphins in line with the jetty head. The mooring dolphins are offset from the line of breasting dolphins to provide an optimum lead for mooring lines. Vessels may land at a maximum angle of 8º to the jetty face. Quick release mooring hooks are fitted on all dolphins.

Large flexible rubber fenders are fitted to the outer faces of each breasting dolphin. Each has a generous energy-absorbing capacity.

A purpose-built mooring boat will assist each mooring operation.

General mooring requirements

Strong winds are frequently experienced at Sullom Voe and may be accompanied by sudden gusts from any direction. Whilst alongside the jetty it is essential that moorings are tended carefully and conform to the requirements below.

Notwithstanding any of the foregoing it is the Master’s responsibility to ensure that his vessel remains securely moored at all times.

Actions to be taken in severe weather conditions


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