Vessel Traffic Service: Monitoring

Sullom Voe VTS

Sullom Voe VTS is located within the Port Administration Building at Sella Ness. It is manned on a 24/7 basis by qualified VTS Operators to IALA 103-1.

VTS Level of Service

Sullom Voe VTS offers the following level of service:

Traffic Organisation Service (TOS)

A service to prevent the development of dangerous maritime traffic situations and to provide for the safe and efficient movement of vessel traffic within the VTS area.

Information Service (INS)

A service to ensure that essential information becomes available in time for on-board navigational decision making.


VHF Radio Communications

All vessels entering or leaving the harbour area should contact Sullom Voe VTS on channel 14.

The call-sign for Sullom Voe pilots is ‘Sullom Voe VTS’, who continually monitor:

Brief local weather forecasts and traffic information are available on request from Sullom Voe VTS.


Sullom Voe VTS maintains a continuous radar watch and the passage of each vessel is monitored and recorded.

Full radar coverage exists for Yell Sound and Sullom Voe. Advice is available to vessels on request.


VTS also monitors AIS, including the Area to be Avoided.


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