Customers should contact Ship to Ship Transfer Operators direct or via Local Agents, to complete contractual agreements to provide supervision for the cargo transfer operations and equipment (hoses and fenders). (See Contact at the left of the page).

In addition to the contractual arrangements for the transfer operations, the supplying vessel(s) will pay a consolidated charge per cargo gross tonne transferred, for the services provided by the Sullom Voe Harbour Authority and SVT Operator. The current charge can be found at any time by referring to "Ship to Ship Transfer of Oil" paragraphs in the in the "Sullom Voe Terminal and Gas Processing Plant“ Section of the "Harbour Authority Table of Dues” link on this page.

There is no charge for moving vessels that have been part-loaded with other crude oils at jetty 1, 2 or 3 to/from jetty 4 for StS transfer operations.


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