Foula cliffs


Lying 15 miles west of the Shetland Mainland is Foula. The island has no safe all-weather anchorage but the harbour at Ham Voe has been improved and there is also the option of taking the ferry from Walls. The population of around 40 people is greatly outnumbered by the islands seabird colony thus the name, deriving from the Norse fugl ey (meaning ‘bird island’). It is dominated by its sheer cliffs, which reach their peak at The Kame (1,220 ft), Britain's second highest sea cliff after St. Kilda. The Hoevdi Shoals, where the White Star liner 'Oceanic' foundered, lie east of Foula.

Toilets and telephone (1 mile away at the airstrip), fresh water, waste reception.

No visitor charges
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