Papa Stour

Papa Stour’s sea caves are some of the best in Britain and are a Special Marine Area of Conservation: the island’s volcanic formation has been eroded to form an amazing coastline of stacks, arches and caves, most spectacular of which is Kirstan‘s Hole – however you’ll need a very calm day and a rubber boat to explore them properly. There is visitor berthing available at the old pier in Housa Voe as well as good summer anchorages in Hamna Voe, Culla Voe, and West Voe. The island is rich in history and has substantial populations of skuas, auks, and terns.

The cliffs between Walls and Sandness are wild, beautiful and fringed with reefs, not all of them well-charted close to the cliffs (perhaps because the 19th century Royal Navy surveyors reasoned that no-one would ever be crazy enough to sail that close!) The tide race between Sandness and Papa Stour is fierce and can be dangerous. In rough water more turbulent water lies between Papa and the Ve Skerries to the north west.

Toilets, fresh water, telephone (1/2 mile), waste disposal, launching slip.

3 metres max.
£7.17 per four day stay
Harbour Master, 01806 244200


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