Toilets, fresh water, electricity, telephone, shop, post office, waste reception, launching slip.

While the convenience of the pontoon and all Lerwick’s facilities may seem more than ideal Shetland has so much more to offer those travelling by sea. Half a mile across the harbour, the island of Bressay offers a visitor berth in the marina at the Voe of Leiraness where there is no problems with access and good shelter. The Maryfield Hotel has good pub-grub and the island offers some fine hill and coast walking. There is also a secluded anchorage in the North of the island at Aith Voe.

Depth (Low water):
2 metres
No charges for overnight berthing

East of Bressay is the National Nature Reserve island of Noss, which has a day time anchorage at Nesti Voe. Arriving at Noss by boat is one of the most spectacular wildlife sights anywhere - millions of years of wind and ice have burrowed thousands of nesting ledges in the sandstone cliffs which stretch a mile long. At the peak of the breeding season the stupendous chorus of around 150,000 birds and chicks is unforgettable - as is the smell of the guano which stains the cliffs white!

Warning: The bird cliffs on the east side of Noss are just off the edge of the detailed chart and, although the water is mostly deep, there are several dangerous uncharted reefs - so yacht skippers should take local advice before approaching the cliffs by sea.


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