What are Community Conversations?

The concept of ‘Community Conversations’ is based on discovering, connecting and mobilising the capacity that exists in every community. Community conversations is about informal opportunities to meet up with members of the community, wherever they are, to hear what life is like and what matters to them.  It is about increasing interdependence in communities, and helping build connections and relationships within communities that make life better for local people. 

The first round of Community Conversations was held at the end of 2020, and focused on the overwhelming community response to Covid.  A number of common themes arose through discussions, including: reopening of communities and how to do it safely, the impact on people’s personal finances and mental health and the ongoing concern about the impact of loneliness and isolation. 

We take a summary note for each community conversation.  This is circulated to all participants and any key themes arising will be shared with the Community Learning and Development Partnership, and the Council’s Management Team as appropriate.  The Community Development team will follow up and support communities to work through any actions arising from the session.