Shetland Partnership

Locality Plan

In addition to producing Shetland’s Partnership Plan, which covers the whole of Shetland, the Shetland Partnership is also required to plan at a more local level. These ‘Locality Plans’ should enable communities and wider partners to find innovative solutions to key local challenges. The duty to carry out Locality Planning is set out in Part 2 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

Locality Plans can be based on geographic areas, administrative boundaries or communities of interest (a group of people with shared characteristics). Locality Plans are documents that belong to the communities, are signed up to by partners, and delivered together.

Shetland’s Islands with Small Populations – Locality Plan is the first Locality Plan produced by the Shetland Partnership. The Plan covers the communities of Fair Isle, Fetlar, Foula, Papa Stour and Skerries and is based on extensive dialogue between public service providers and the people who live and work in these isles.

Shetland’s Islands with Small Populations – Locality Plan is a live document and will be updated regularly. Delivery of the Locality Plan will be closely monitored and will be reported on regularly to assure the communities that progress is being made.

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