Abandoned vehicles

Disused and unwanted vehicles left in the environment are unsightly and affect the visual amenity of the area. In addition, components deteriorate and leaks, such as oil and battery acid, pollute the surroundings and can cause risk to the health and safety of people and animals. Abandoned vehicles also provide harbourage for pests like rats and mice which spread disease. Contact us if you wish to report an abandoned vehicle or if you have any queries

What happens to an abandoned vehicle?

Officers of the Environmental Health Service may serve a statutory notice to require removal of an abandoned vehicle and this removal may be done in default and the registered keeper charged.

Vehicles must be taxed if on the road, and have a valid SORN notice if off road.  If the vehicle is currently registered on a SORN it must be parked off the Public Highway.

Can I get my own car uplifted?

If you wish for your own vehicle to be uplifted, contact the Shetland Amenity Trust on 01595 694688.