Family support and early intervention

It’s nice to have someone to talk to that doesn’t judge you.


Support from Early intervention is on a voluntary basis. Children, Young People or Parents can self-refer, either phoning for an informal chat or by emailing to request a referral form.  Referrals can also be made by other agencies, having first of all sought and received full consent of those referred.


The Early Intervention Service assists children, young people and their families throughout Shetland, providing individually tailored support for people within their own communities. Early Intervention staff provides help, advice and encouragement across a range of areas. Whether you are:

  • Struggling to know where to turn
  • Worried about family breakdown
  • Concerned about an increase in behavioural problems
  • Concerned about a difference in emotions
  • Concerned but not sure why


We support families struggling to deal with a range of issues relating to behaviour, self-esteem and mental wellbeing and aim to provide an individually tailored service which works for you within your community. Outcomes are identified by all involved and a time limited plan is agreed. We can support you to:

  • Build on existing strengths
  • Create and maintain boundaries
  • Gain strategies to support you to deal with behaviours of concern
  • Build confidence in your abilities
  • Develop emotional wellbeing and opportunities for new experiences and support with transitions through various stages of family life.