Registration and inspection of fishing vessels

EU Exit - Registration and Inspection of Fishing Vessels

If your vessel’s home port is in Shetland and your catch is exported, either directly or indirectly, to any EU Member State at the end of the “Transition Period”, set for 31st December 2020, then please complete and return the following registration form to the address specified or send by email to:

Fishing Vessel Registration Form(PDF, 0.2Mb)

Fishing Vessel Registration Form (Word version)

We will then make arrangements with you to have your vessel/s inspected.

It should be recognised that the responsibility to register with Shetland Islands Council and have your vessel inspected rests with you. Failure to do so may result in your catch being unable to be exported to EU member states at the end of the transition period.

This is a legal requirement. However, there is an exemption if your catch is intended either solely for your own consumption, or it does not exceed 25kg and is for direct sale from the quayside.