Crown Estate Fund

What can it fund?

The scheme can consider both capital and revenue costs. Funds from this scheme can be used to pay costs including:

  • Buildings (this may include construction costs, upgrades and associated professional fees)
  • New equipment
  • Participatory Budgeting
  • Professional fees
  • Consents, permissions
  • Non recoverable VAT
  • Salary costs
  • Project overheads
  • Volunteer expenses

This scheme will not consider the following costs:

  • Core running costs
  • Political or religious activities
  • Items that benefit individuals
  • Loan repayments, service charges arising on finance leases, hire purchase, and credit arrangements
  • In-kind costs
  • Services that are the responsibility of central or local government
  • Project costs which have already been committed
  • Onward distribution of funds (unless for an approved Participatory Budgeting event in line with Crown Estate guidelines)
  • Consumables – unless directly related to delivery of the project
  • Maintenance costs for buildings, plant, equipment or any other items
  • Any other costs deemed ineligible