Winter Activities Fund

This grant aid scheme is administered by Shetland Islands Council and financed from net revenues generated by Scottish Crown Estate assets.

The grant scheme is designed to support delivery of activities over the winter of 2022/23 to support households through the cost of living crisis. The scheme seeks to support the community and local services to deliver these activities.  The funding is to enable organisations to provide activities, where it might otherwise be difficult to do so, due to higher operating costs this winter.   It could also be used to develop new activities which respond to greater or new need in the community due to higher costs of living.

All applicants are expected to demonstrate the need and support for their proposed project.   This could include evidence from local communities.

Officers in the Council’s Development Department directorate are available to give advice and guidance on the completion of grant applications and supporting documents as required. If you need assistance you should contact staff at the earliest opportunity.

Your local community worker is also able to help: Community Work – Shetland Islands Council