Living Well Hub

What is Community Led Support (CLS)?

This Community Led Support (CLS) approach aims to make contact with people and have a “Good conversation” about what matters to them, and what they would like to see happening in their lives. They don’t have to go through Social Work or wait for an assessment. They don’t have to approach their local Health Centre. People can drop in along the Community Hub, phone us or email.

By engaging in this conversation with a Hub worker, it will become clear what folk are looking for, and what might be missing in their lives- which would make a difference to them. The Hub worker will be skilled in helping folk to acknowledge their own strengths and what resources they may already have within their family and friends network. The Hub worker will also have  knowledge of what support may be in the local community which could address issues such as isolation and loneliness, which so often leads to poorer mental health. The Hub worker will also be able to signpost folk to voluntary groups and make referrals for Health or Social care support if needs be.

Where is CLS?

Working across Scotland, England, and Wales- our Community Led Support (CLS) programme involves a network of over 30 Local Authorities with responsibility for Adult Social Care, working with their NHS partners and Communities to design and deliver different ways of working together which maximise the strengths and community connections of people locally.

What does that mean for folk in Shetland?

During Covid lockdowns we have seen the communities in Shetland pulling together and supporting each other, and it’s important not to loose sight of those good connections and good will. We hope that having a Community Hub can expand on this and help the people in our Communities to engage in groups and help each other. Having positive relationships in our lives is one of the best ways to improve and maintain our mental health and wellbeing.

We invite anyone to come in along for a cuppa and a chat, and see what it’s all about. They can also phone or email. If you think someone else might benefit from this, then feel free to enquire on their behalf. We also welcome contact from any Community groups who would like to be involved and promote their group to others. Let’s make this the “place” where community can be “better together”.