Mutual Exchanges

SIC and HHA Conditions for Mutual Exchange

No mutual exchanges will unreasonably be refused. However, any tenant wishing to take part in an exchange must meet the following conditions:

  • All parties must have a clear rent account
  • The exchange must not result in overcrowding or significant under-occupation of a SIC or HHA property.
  • SIC and HHA must be satisfied that any tenant wishing to exchange into one of its properties intends to remain in the property for at least six months.
  • An exchange tenant will be expected to accept the SIC or HHA property in its existing condition. Where any non-standard feature is to remain e.g. garden shed, built in kitchen appliance, shower etc., the incoming tenant will be expected to accept responsibility for its future maintenance, any future replacement and/or reinstatement of this.
  • Any damage within a property may require to be reinstated to an approved standard by the existing tenant before any exchange is approved.
  • If the property has been specifically adapted by SIC or HHA to meet specific needs of the individual tenants and the proposed tenant does not require the adaptations then the exchange may be refused. Similarly if the proposed exchange would result in a need for either property to be adapted the exchange may be refused.

If these conditions are not met an exchange is likely to be refused. If the exchange involves a tenancy with another landlord, different conditions may apply.