Build your own Galley

Build your own Galley

During fire festival season you can pick up one of our popular 'Build your own galley kits' (free, but donations welcome) at the library or you can download.

Before you start, it is worthwhile making sure that you have gathered together the things you’ll need for colouring and constructing your galley. 

These are;

  • a glue stick,
  • a pair of good scissors 
  • some colouring pens or pencils 
  • you will need to locate a mast (a short piece of wood, pencil), which is not included in the pack.

Before constructing your galley, it will be much easier to colour in the various parts before they are cut out and stuck together.  It is worth taking the time to do this, as a carefully coloured galley will undoubtedly look much smarter than a hastily completed effort.

Galley Template

Galley Kit Instructions and Template (to print)

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