NEW! Overdrive (Libby) eBooks, eAudio books and eMagazines

Meet libby

On Wednesday 24 February 2021, our rbdigital eBook supplier changed to Overdrive.  You will now need to choose and read eBooks and eAudio books via Overdrive's 'Libby' app or via our new Overdrive website.


This changes will initially only affect eBooks and eAudio books.  You can continue to read and save eMagazines in the RB Digital app until approximately 31 March 2021.  New eMagazines are now also available on the Libby app, however, you will be unable to save and keep any eMagazines inside this app.  They will automatically be deleted after 21 days.


Pressreader should still be accessed via the rbdigital app, so please don't delete the rbdigital app if you still want to read our free newspapers.

What do I have to do?

Everyone who has the rbdigital app on their phone, tablet or PC received a message on the app, informing them that they will need to prepare for change.

The Libby app is available in the Play store and Apple store for Android and Apple users.  You will need to use the Overdrive app for Kindle Fire devices.  You can watch a short video here on how to use the new Libby app.  Your Libby app


  • When did this change happen – 24th February 2021
  • What is Libby – a free reading app, similar to rbdigital and Borrowbox
  • Can I use Libby now – Yes.
  • Can I keep reading and borrowing eBooks and eAudio books in rbdigital just now - No, you can no longer borrow Ebooks and eAudio books from rbdigital.
  • What happens if I’ve not finished the book I’m reading in rbdigital – you can keep reading the book until the expiry date shown on rbdigital. But you won’t be able to renew it.
  • What happens to my holds, wishlist and checkout history from rbdigital – unfortunately none of this will be automatically transferred to the new app. But you can export your Transaction history from rbdigital under My Account > Profiles, and you can create a new wishlist and mark any books you have read using tags in Libby. There are instructions below, or telephone or email your library if you need help to do this.
  • What about eMagazines and eNewspapers – newspapers are staying on the rbdigital app for now. Magazines will be available on both apps for a short while. We will let you know when this is due to change.
  • What if I can’t use the Libby app – Kindle fire users will need to use the original OverDrive app. Go to the Amazon app store, or see libbyapp.com for help, or ask your library.
  • What about my Borrowbox books – BorrowBox is a different app and is staying exactly the same.
  • What if I need help – please phone us on 01595 743868 or email: shetlandlibrary@shetland.gov.uk

Downloading your RB Digital loan history

You can do this if you want to keep a list of all the ebooks you have read or listened to on rbdigital.  Your loan history will eventually disappear from the rbdigital app.

NOTE: You can view your loan history in the rbdigital app but you need to be signed into the rbdigital web page to download your transaction history, so this task is best done on a PC or laptop.

  • Go to the Shetland Library rbdigital webpage
  • Sign in to your rbdigital account
  • Go to the menu.  Looks like 3 lines ...
  • Select My Account
  • Select Profiles
  • Select Export my transaction history
  • Your current checked out items, checkout history, current holds and the contents of your wishlist will be exported as a csv file
  • Open the file and save to your PC, if required
  • If you need any help with this, please contact the library on 01595 743868 or email shetlandlibrary@shetland.gov.uk