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Home deliveries of books right to your door

The mobile libary is not going out just now because we are doing an expanded home delivery service during the Coronavirus restrictions.  We particularly want to make sure we are getting books to customers who have no internet, are visually impaired or isolated for health or transport reasons.  Our staff will make you up a selection of books to your taste, or you can select specific books online.  When staffing allows we hope the mobile library will be back on the road again too.

If you would like a home delivery, or would like more information about this service, please contact Catherine Jeromson, Support Services Librarian by emailing

We will make book deliveries on the following dates to these areas:

Week beginning Monday 8 March 2021

Day Date Place
Monday 08.03.21 Library
Tuesday 09.03.21 Burrafirth, Haroldswick, Norwick, Baltasound
Wednesday 10.03.21 Walls, Dale, Sandness, Weisdale
Thursday 11.03.21 Gulberwick, Quarff, Cunningsburgh, Sandwick, Hoswick, Levenwick, Clumlie

Week beginning Monday 15 March 2021

Day Date Place
Monday 15.03.21 Brae, Muckle Roe, Mossbank, Scatsta
Tuesday 16.03.21 West Sandwick, Sellafirth, Gutcher, Cullivoe, Gloup
Wednesday 17.03.21 Sand, Reawick, Skeld, Sellivoe, Bixter, Twatt, Clousta, Aith, East Burrafirth
Thursday 18.03.21 Collafirth, Lochend, North Roe, Ollaberry

Week beginning Monday 22 March 2021

Day Date Place
Monday 22.03.21 Library
Tuesday 23.03.21 Whalsay
Wednesday 24.03.21 Bressay, Tingwall, Scalloway, Trondra, Burra



Turniebrae, Virkie, Quendale, Scousburgh, Bigton

Baltasound, Uyeasound, Belmont

Week beginning Monday 29 March 2021

Day Date Place
Monday 29.03.21 Urafirth, Heylor, Hillswick, Eshaness, Sullom
Tuesday 30.03.21 Herra, Nort-A-Voe, Mid Yell, Aywick, Burravoe, Coppister
Wednesday 31.03.21 Library


01.04.21 Gremmasgaet 9.00am, Nesting, Vidlin, Skelberry, Voe, Girlsta