Joining and using the library

What can I borrow?

Your library membership allows you to borrow:

  • 20 items, of which 8 can be music CDs, 4 can be film DVDs and 2 can be Open Learning packs.


  • 10 eAudiobooks
  • 10 eBooks
  • Unlimited eMagazines and eComics

It is completely free to borrow. 

How long can I borrow things for?

  • Books, learning DVDs and CDs are loaned for 4 weeks.
  • Film DVDs are loaned for two weeks
  • Open learning packs are loaned for 12 weeks
  • eMagazines are loaned indefinitely
  • eComics are loaned for 30 days
  • eBooks and eAudiobooks you can choose to borrow from 1 to 21 days

I'm just visiting - can I join?

Visitors are also very welcome to join the library.

Just fill in a membership form, show some ID and give us your Shetland and home address.

You may borrow up to 5 items plus eBooks.