Services for adults with hearing loss

What services are available?

If you have hearing loss, we can arrange for you to have an assessment with one of our staff. We offer a range of equipment that can make everyday life easier and can increase your safety at home.

We might be able to help you with some of the following difficulties:

  • Unable to hear the phone ringing and what the caller is saying
  • Unable to hear the television or radio clearly
  • Unable to hear smoke alarms at all times
  • Difficulty knowing when someone is at your front door

Who can ask for an assessment?

Anyone can – you can refer yourself or a friend or relative can also do this on your behalf.

Do I need to have a hearing aid before I can have an assessment?

If your hearing has gradually worsened, contact your GP first as we would recommend you have your hearing tested to see if you need a hearing aid. If you still have difficulties, we can then help.

How do I ask for an assessment?

You can contact us by phone, letter or by using our online referral form. When you make the request, you will be asked for general information about yourself and any difficulties you are having.

What happens next?

Using the information you give us about your needs, we will prioritise your case and place it on our waiting list for assessment. A member of staff will contact you to arrange an appointment that is suitable for you.

Where will I be seen?

We try to meet with people in their own homes. You can also be seen at the Independent Living Centre or an alternative place if this is not suitable.