Statistical Information

Five Ships at Sullom VoeShetland Islands Council is the Competent Harbour Authority for a number of facilities throughout Shetland, including the municipal ports of Sullom Voe and Scalloway.

The ports are operated in compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code and the performance of the Ports and Harbours Operations is monitored.

So if you want to know how much fish has been landed in Scalloway, how many ships visited Sullom Voe or how many staff Ports and Harbours Operations employ the answers are contained within these pages using the links on the left hand side.

The Council has invested in many port and harbour facilities around Shetland, the most recent projects include dredging at Scalloway and the building of a new facility at Walls.

The surplus from the harbour income not only helps fund these projects, but also goes to improve and maintain the facilities and infrastructure throughout Shetland.







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