Cruising in Shetland

The Northern most part of Britain, with over 900 miles of coastline and more than a hundred islands make Shetland an ideal location for Cruise Ship destinations. Lying approximately 600 miles North of London the islands straddle 60°N and enjoy a warm climate for the latitude thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream.

With thousands of birds, seals, otters, dolphins and whales the natural world is a major and easily accessible attraction of the Shetland Islands. Large areas of open countryside, hundreds of miles of varied coastline and clean waters make the Shetland Islands ideal for walking, exploring and diving.

The Shetland Islands are also steeped in over 5000 years of history with over 6000 archaeological sites. If travelling any distance, getting around is simple and stress free on good quality roads with low traffic levels.

The smaller piers and harbours of Shetland offer a great opportunity for visitors to see the more remote and natural beauty of the Shetland Islands and lend themselves to suit adventure and exploration cruises. Each area of Shetland has a unique identity both physically and culturally and the friendly and welcoming locals are more than pleased to share the beauty, culture and maybe even a tale or two of the local area.


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