International Services


Country Consul Telephone
Denmark Lindsay Aitken 01595 692533
Finland John Smith 01595 692556
France Bill Stubbings 01595 692556
Germany John Smith 01595 692556
Iceland Lindsay Aitken 01595 692533
Norway John Smith 01595 692556
Sweden Iain Tulloch 01595 692533


HM Customs & Excise

EC Arrivals and departures: If arriving from, or sailing to, other EC ports there is no requirement to report in or clear out.

3rd Country Arrivals and Departures: If arriving directly from, or sailing directly to, a 3rd country there is a requirement to report, or clear as appropriate. Form C1331 (Pleasure Craft on Non EC Voyages) must be completed upon departure from the UK and can by obtained from Lerwick Port Authority. Completed forms should be returned to Lerwick Port Authority.

National Advice Service 0845 010 9000
Aberdeen Office 01224 844632

Bond Shipments: HM Customs and Excise must approve entitlement and quantities before duty-free stores can be supplied to your vessel. Yachts and other private craft of less than 40 tons register departing on a voyage to a port outside Home Trade Limits (between the north bank of the River Eider and the Port of Brest inclusive) are entitled to carry duty-free stores. The quantity of duty-free stores you can apply for depends on: the number of crew/passengers on board, the expected length of the voyage, the amount of surplus stores still on board. (View notice 69A at for more details).


HM Immigration

The Immigration Act requires that any national from a non EEA country arriving at a UK port must present themselves to an Immigration Officer. On arrival in Shetland all non EEA nationals must contact the local Immigration Officer on Mobile no: 07721 466199.


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