Scalloway Harbour

Approach Channel Depths

The minimum depth of water in the approach channel between the buoys in the vicinity of Port Arthur is 8.7 metres below chart datum.

Depths Alongside

Berth Minimum Depth Berth Length
West Face, Commercial Quay 7.0m 120m
South Face, Commercial Quay 6.5m 120m
South East Face, Commercial Quay 6.5m 133m
East Jetty, North 4.6m 100m
East Jetty, South 4.9m 130m
Fishmarket 4.8m 120m
West Pier, inside 5.4m 60m
West Pier, outside (Out of Use)    
West Quay (Low level quay) 3.5m 85m

Ship alongside quay

Under Keel Clearance

A minimum under keel clearance of 0.5 metres should be maintained at all times when manoeuvring within the harbour area.


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