Scalloway Harbour

Scalloway is an important harbour which is located on the West coast of the Shetland mainland, it is ideally situated for servicing oil related shipping in the West of Shetland oil fields and the Shetland fishing fleet.

Lying in a bight of Mainland East of the Point of the Pund (60°08.0'N, 1°18.3'W). The harbour is normally open in all weathers but movements are at the discretion of the Harbour Master and may be delayed if conditions are unsuitable.

New Scalloway Fish Market (Artists Impressions)

Temporary Fish Market opens its doors for trade






Scalloway Approaches

Dredged channel and Buoyage drawing


Scalloway Fish Information

Shetland Seafood Auctions

Weekly Fishing Vessels

Weekly Landings (Boxes)


Location Map

Scalloway on Shetland Map



Scalloway Weather link


Faroese Weather Forecast

Faroese Weather Station.
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