Scalloway Harbour - Pilotage

Pilot boatLicensed pilots are available at any time on request to Scalloway Harbour Radio (VHF 14) or to Sullom Voe Port Control 01806 242344/244280 outside office hours. Pilots are compulsory only for cruise ships and vessels with notifiable dangerous substances.


Pilots board off Fugla Ness Light for South Channel or off Hildasay Island for North Channel.


Entry is possible in all weather. Information on wind conditions at each berth is available through Scalloway Harbour Radio.


Current tidal level available from Scalloway Harbour Radio or from our weather page.

Vessel Sizes

Vessel up to 130m LOA and 7.0m draft routinely use the port.

All vessels in excess of 70 metres or 2,000 tonnes loaded displacement must be fitted with at least one fully operational bow-thruster in addition to fully operational main engines and steering control.

In all cases, notification of the loaded displacement of any vessel proposed for Scalloway along with other details oft vessel's configuration and operational parameters must be made to the Harbour Master prior to acceptance.

Berthing or sailing of any vessel will at the discretion of the Harbour Master and may be delayed if weather conditions are considered unsuitable.

Large vessels


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