Sullom Voe Harbour

Sullom VoeWelcome to the Sullom Voe Harbour Authority.

The port of Sullom Voe is a major deep water harbour and is owned and operated by Shetland Islands Council as Harbour Authority.

The Port Administration Building, from which all marine operations are monitored and controlled, is located on Sella Ness in position 60º26.8’N, 01º16.5’W.

Sullom Voe will accept vessels between 140 metres LOA and 365 metres LOA as a matter of routine and vessels out with this range will be considered on an individual basis. Subject to careful controls the largest vessels in the world are likely to be accommodated. Tankers can load to a maximum draft of 16.8 metres at Jetty 1, 22.1 metres at Jetty 2; 24 metres at Jetty 3 and 22.6 metres at Jetty 4.

In addition to liquid bulk cargo the port can handle quarried rock and general, dry, bulk, ro-ro and containerised cargo in relatively small vessels of up to 120 metres working at shallow draft jetties.

Location Map

Sullom Voe on Shetland Map

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