VTS: Pre-Arrival Information Requirements

Estimated time of arrival

Vessels bound for Sullom Voe are required to provide the Harbour Authority with the following information:

  1. An estimated time of arrival (ETA) 24 hours before arrival or on leaving the last port (whichever is later).

NB. All vessels are monitored by Sullom Voe VTS to ensure they do not enter Area to be Avoided.

General Information

First time callers:

  1. To optimise mooring arrangements should fax to Agent diagrams of the ship's fo'c'sle and poop showing positions of the winchs, bitts and fairleads.
  2. Have the ship's GA plan available for copying after arrival, together with certificates for mooring ropes, rope tails and winch brake holding capacities (These will be used for mooring analysis).

Pilot Boarding Arrangements

All vessels calling at Sullom Voe must comply with "The Merchant Shipping (Safety of Navigation) Regulations 2002" (SI 2002 No. 1473) (As amended)

Where vessels with freeboard in excess of 18 metres are unable to secure the gangway to the ship's side by means of a cleat or a sucker pad then boarding of the Pilot may be carried out by helicopter.

Pilot boarding arrangement poster

Pre-arrival information

Tanker Pre-Arrival

Non-Tanker Pre-Arrival

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