For a unique and unforgettable experience visit Shetland by sea - take the top of Britain tour. Over 100 small islands and 906 miles of coastline shaped from a beautiful combination of dramatic cliffs and sheltered, natural harbours make it an ideal place for sailing. The scenic inlets shelter dozens of high quality piers and marinas each offering a unique perspective on Shetland.

Meal Beach, BurraThe charming coastal scenery forms a relaxing backdrop for excellent cruising waters. Or, if it is adventure you are looking for, your yacht allows you unrestricted access to all the islands - find one and explore!

LPA Pontoon, LerwickShetland grants the supreme stress free, get away from it all holiday. With thousands or birds, seals, otters, dolphins and whales the natural world is a major and easily accessible attraction of the Shetland Islands.

As an island community, Shetland has always relied heavily on the sea; as a result it has been well looked after and the facilities available for boats are better than you would expect. Marinas and piers usually form the heart of Shetland’s districts inviting visitors with special access to the area.

The locals extend a warm welcome and will be more than happy to share the unique magnificence and culture of the community.

Much of the coast is “steep-to”, with deep water close to shore, fantastic water clarity and well-charted meaning you are rarely unaware of any hazards. Visiting craft also have the reassurance that local search and rescue services are first-class.

Small Boat Harbour, Lerwick (Photo: LPA)

Yachting also takes prominence in the Shetland calendar with 17 regattas held every year as well as the Round Foula Race, the Lerwick to Skerries Race and the international Bergen-Shetland Races. Most of these welcome entries from visiting yachts.

Shetland’s size and formation means you can explore the entire island just by touring the shore - the furthest you could ever be away from the coast is just 3 miles. Experience everything Shetland can offer: amazing walks, great fishing in the hundreds of fresh water lochs, and over 5000 years of history depicted through over 6000 archaeological sites. With many of the local pubs featuring fantastic live music it’s a great excuse to get out and socialise - the welcome from the locals with be something you will not forget.

The islands lie at 60°N but enjoy a warm climate for the latitude thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream. Shetland’s location also makes it a great stepping stone in international journeys; whether heading to the UK, Norway, Faeroe, or further afield.



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