Contact: Bobby Sutherland, 01806 566382

Toilets, fresh water, electricity, telephone, waste reception, shop, post office and launching slip.

Vidlin MarinaVidlin marina provides good shelter from a southerly wind and is accessible in all states of the tide. It sits at the head of the voe forming the centre of the village where a pretty cluster of houses wrap their way round. There is a well stocked shop, J.I. Herculson, situated at the cross roads to Lunna and Swinning (01806 577285) and the toilets are situated at the Out Skerries ferry terminus 200 yards along the west shore.

Lunna House is also nearby - rich in history, it acted as the headquarters for the Norwegian resistance movement during the Second World War. It looks down on the old Kirk of Lunna, one of the oldest kirks in Shetland.

1.75 metres max.
No charge for short term berthing
Johnny Johnson, 01806 577 326

South Nesting Bay leads into the perfect little anchorage of the Dock of Lingness, where yachts drawing less than 2 metres can ride out any summer storm.

The beautiful Isles of Gletness guard the entrance to Catfirth, where the anchorage was used by flying boats in the First World War.


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