Toilets (at the public pier), showers, electricity, fuel (on arrangement), fresh water, telephone (at shop), shop, post office, swimming pool, waste reception, launching slip, boating club (open weekends), bus service, café

The Island of Vaila with the silhouette of Foula in the backgroundWalls lies on the south side of Shetland's West Mainland, at the head of Vaila Sound and sheltered even from southerly storms by the islands of Linga and Vaila. It has a public pier, a marina with 2 visiting berths and a second pier at the Walls Boating Club. A wide berth must be taken around Kirk-a-Skerrie, in past the public pier. Power and water are found at the public pier, which is more suitable for larger yachts. The cheerful boating club and the family run bakery and tea room are also close at hand. It is the starting point for the annual Round Foula Yacht Race as well as the Walls Regatta also held every year. Just off Vaila Sound is an award-winning restaurant, Burrastow House, where much of the food is grown on the premises in one of Shetland’s most productive gardens.

Marina Boating Club Pier
1.5 metres max. 1.5 metres max. 4 metres max.
£5 per day for first 6 days, £30 per month thereafter £5 per day See Table of Dues link
John Isbister, 01595 809 311 Andrew Tait, 01595 809 277 Larry Inkster, 01595 809293

Vaila island has an area of around 3km2 and supports a magnificent Edwardian mansion, the largest house of its kind in Shetland as well as the ancient watch tower, Mucklaberry Castle.

The cliffs between Walls and Sandness are wild, beautiful and fringed with reefs, not all of them well-charted close to the cliffs (perhaps because the 19th century Royal Navy surveyors reasoned that no-one would ever be crazy enough to sail that close!) The tide race between Sandness and Papa Stour is fierce and can be dangerous. In rough water more turbulent water lies between Papa and the Ve Skerries to the north west.


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