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Household Collections - Central and South Mainland

From November 2 2020, households in parts of the Central and South Mainland will have a new collection day for their recycling and rubbish.

These changes will affect the following areas:

  • Quarff will move from Monday to Wednesday
  • Fladdabister will move from Tuesday to Friday
  • Gulberwick will move from Tuesday to Wednesday
  • Cunningsburgh will move from Wednesday to Friday
  • Tingwall will move from Friday to Thursday

These changes have been made to accommodate increased collection loads and changes to staffing arrangments as a result of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.  These changes will remain in place for the foreseeable future.  

Householders are asked to present bins as usual on the new collection day by 7.30am.

Shetland Islands Council would like to thank householders for their co-operation with these changes.

You can check the new arrangements with the new collection day post code search.