Health and Social Care Partnership

IJB strategic planning

The IJB is responsible for strategic planning of the functions delegated to it by the Council and the Health Board and for the preparation of the Strategic Plan. 

The IJB Joint Strategic Commissioning Plan describes how health and care services can deliver services into the future that meet need, and continue to be safe, effective and of quality. The plan describes how these services can be delivered, jointly, across the services in the Shetland Islands Health and Social Care Partnership’s Integration Scheme.

The Joint Strategic (Commissioning) Plan specifies the services to be delivered by the Parties

You can see the agendas and papers for each IJB meeting, by date of meeting, using this link - IJB Meetings 

You can view key documents using the links below.

Key Strategic Documents


IJB Directions to SIC and NHSS

Directions from the Shetland Islands Integration Joint Board (“IJB”) issued under Section 26(1) of the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014

IJB Directions to SIC and NHSS