Pedal Lerwick - A Summer Cycle

Event Information

Before the event information

How do I register?

Pre-Registration is now closed for Pedal Lerwick. Registration will be possible on the day. Please visit the “On The Day Registration” desk in the playing park which will be open from 1.45pm

What should I bring?

You should bring your own bike and helmet if you have them.

You may be able to borrow a bike on site subject to availability.

Please also bring a filled water bottle.

Event day information

What should I do when I arrive at the location?

Please enter the King George V play park via the gates on King Erik Street, and attend the Pre-Registered area to receive your bib.

Any medical information you have provided during registration will be written on the back of your bib, which you should attach to your clothing.

If you have not pre-registered, please visit the Registration Desk.

How long will it take me to complete the route?

The route is a loop that will only take a few minutes to complete.

You can go around the loop as many times as you like! It’s completely flat, but there is an optional loop you can take which has a gradient if you want to challenge yourself a bit more. This will be explained to you at event check-in/registration on the day.

How do I get to/from the start/finish

Please visit the Pre-Registered or Registration point in the play park on arrival. You should then join the route at the King Harald Street/King Erik Street junction. Marshals will be there to guide you.

What type of bike can I use?

You can bring your own bike or scooter – any type of bike is fine as long as it’s not a motorbike!

Should I wear a helmet?

You MUST wear a helmet to participate in Pedal Lerwick. You can borrow one on the day (subject to availability) if you do not have your own.

Where can I hire a bike for the event?

There will be a free Bike Hire facility within the play park with a range of adult and child bikes, subject to availability. There will also be a range of adapted bikes for people with disabilities. Bikes must be returned by 4pm at the latest.

Should I bring my own water bottle?

Please bring your own filled water bottle. Some water will also be available to purchase at the pop up café in the Flower Park.

How do I leave the event?

Marshals will be there to help you cross the road to leave the event.

The route

What is the route?

The route starts on King Harald Street, turns left into Prince Alfred Street then left again into St Olaf Street. From here you can continue straight ahead to Harbour Street, or take the optional loop up Union Street, along Lower Hillhead and back down King Erik Street to rejoin the flat route. After turning left into Harbour Street, you turn left again to complete a lap along King Harald Street.

Are there hills? Are they steep?

There is an optional loop that has a small hill. It is quite steep but short. This is entirely optional.

Are there cars on the route?

We endeavour to ensure there are no parked cars on the route but there may be some on the day. There will be no moving cars on the route as all entry points will be blocked. Should emergency services need to access the route, we will stop the event while this is ongoing.

Road closures

What times will be the roads be closed?

We will begin closing the roads at around 1.30pm and will re-open them within minutes of the event closing at 4pm.

Why are the roads closed early?

We need time to ensure that everything is set up safely before the event begins.

What roads are closed in my area?

Please see the Road Closure Map below for more details. All residents affecting should receive a letter advising them of the road closure 4 weeks before the event, and a reminder letter 7-10 days before the event.

Road Closure