Housing Report Card 19/20

Report Card 2019/20

Each year the Scottish Regulator asks us to send information to demonstrate how we have performed against the standards and outcomes of the Scottish Social Housing Charter.  Following consultation with our tenants it was agreed to make this Report Card available online with paper copies provided upon request.

The Scottish Regulator asks each registered social landlord in Scotland for a range of performance and financial information.  They use this to monitor and assess landlord performance against the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

Your Report Card includes information about the performance of the Shetland Islands Council Housing Service between April 2019 and March 2020. 


How are we doing? 

Throughout the Report Card, we use traffic light symbols which help you see how our performance has changed. 

red traffic light for report card = worse than our 2018/2019 performance

amber traffic light for report card = similar to our 2018/2019 performance

green traffic light for report card = better than our 2018/2019 performance


Involving tenants

We are always keen to hear from tenants and to try and find ways of making it easier for our tenants to be involved in shaping the services they receive from us.  Ideas and views are all welcome as we want to provide good quality, value for money housing services to all our tenants. 

We are developing our Register of Interested Tenants, where you can tell us what you are interested in and how you want to be involved.  You don’t have to leave your house to be involved.

Have a look on our website for more details. www.shetland.gov.uk/housing/TenantInformation.asp


Tenant Satisfaction

In November/December 2019, Knowledge Partnership carried out a Tenant Satisfaction Survey on our behalf which covered all Charter satisfaction questions that the Scottish Housing Regulator require. The key results are as follows :

Charter Question

% of tenants very and fairly satisfied (619 face-face surveys November 2019)

Scottish Landlord 2019/2020 average

Taking everything into account, how satisfied are you with the overall service provided by the Council?



How good or poor do you feel the Council is at keeping you informed about their services and decisions



How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the opportunities given to you to participate in the Council’s decision making processes?



Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the quality of your home?



Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the Council’s contribution to the management of the neighbourhood you live in?



Taking into account the accommodation and the services the Council provides, to what extent do you think that the rent for this property represents good or poor value for money?  Is it…?




The survey also asked our tenants about other areas of interest for them and the results showed -

  • When asked ‘What do you think that the Council does particularly well as your landlord’, the majority said the ‘repair service’, followed by ‘gives good customer service’
  • If a tenant thought the rent charged was not good value for money, the main reasons for this was ‘rents too high’ and ‘the inside of the property is in poor condition/needs upgraded’
  • If a tenant was dissatisfied with the quality of their housing, the main reasons for this were ‘windows need upgraded/improved’. ‘insulation needs improvement’, ‘dampness issues need to be tackled’ and ‘boiler/heating system is in need of upgrade’.

    Areas for Consideration following this piece of work include

  • Information needs of our younger tenants
  • More online approaches and promotion of tenant participation
  • Dissatisfaction with housing quality mainly in older, larger properties
  • Main issues flagged as cause of dissatisfaction are repairs/maintenance and property condition

    These are all areas that are being addressed through our 5 Year Planned Maintenance Programme and our tenant participation work. 

    If you would like to view the full report, it can be accessed here – https://www.shetland.gov.uk/housing/housing-repairs-maintenance/2

Housing Repairs

Repairs Completed 2019/2020
Repair Priority with SIC Target time No of repairs completed SIC average time Scottish average time
Emergency (1 day) 464 2.3 hours 3.64 hours
Urgent (3 days) 1246 1.60 days  
Routine (28 days) 2188 15.44 days  
3-Month 80 45.10 days  
All Non-emergency (Urgent, Routine & 3 Month Total) 3514 11.20 days 6.43 days
  • The average time taken to complete emergency repairs was 2.3 hours. Performance has improved with the average time taken decreasing from 3.9 hours in 2018/2019 green traffic light for report card
  • The average time to complete non-emergency repairs was 11.2 days.  Performance has improved with the average time taken decreasing from 17.33 days in 2018/2019 green traffic light for report card


Repairs and Maintenance Satisfaction

During 2019/2020 the overall tenant satisfaction with the repairs and maintenance service was 95% with the majority of our tenants saying they were very satisfied following a repair being completed.  The satisfaction level with the repairs service remains high, and is above the Scottish average of 91%. green traffic light for report card



This is a new indicator in the survey. There were 132 adaptations carried out to council houses in 2019/2020.  These works are assessed on medical need normally requiring assistance from our Occupational Therapy colleagues.


Energy Efficiency Standard for Social  Housing standard

At March 2020, 75% of council housing stock met the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social  Housing. Work is progressing on properties not yet meeting the standard through our Planned Works Programme.


5 Year Planned Works

During 2019/20 the following improvements were made to Council Homes through our Planned Works Programme.

  • 90 Kitchen replacements
  • 45 properties had External Doors & Windows replaced
  • 13 Roofs replaced
  • 141 Heating upgrades  
  • 61 Insulation upgrades
  • 21 external refurbishments started
  • 368 External painting / redecoration works done  

Scheduled planned works that are reviewed annually can be found at https://www.shetland.gov.uk/directory/18/a-to-z/A


Value for Money & Rents

Less rent due has been lost through properties being empty compared to the previous year.  It was 1.9% in 2019/2020, whereas in the previous year it was 2.11%.  This is higher than the Scottish average for both years.    We try to minimize the time our properties are empty. However sometimes empty properties in low demand areas take longer to re-let.  green traffic light for report card

The money collected for current and past rent was equal to 98.5% of the total rent due in the year, which is in line with previous year and compares to the Scottish average of 99.3%.   amber traffic light for report card


Weekly Rents

The 2019/2020 average weekly rent for a lettable, self contained SIC property was £79.88.  This compares to the Hjaltland Housing Association average weekly rent of £91.19 and the Scottish Average of £81.22.

In 2019/2020, our average rent increase was 2.39%. 



The percentage of rent arrears as at 31 March 2020 was 10.2% gross, which compares to the Scottish Average of 5.81%.  This figure includes all arrears:  current tenants, former tenants and amounts written-off in the year.  This is higher than 2018/19 which had 9.1% gross arrears.  red traffic light for report card

If you find yourself in arrears or have difficulty paying your rent, please contact the Council’s Finance Recovery Section as soon as possible for assistance.   The phone number to call is 01595 74 4623.


Properties Allocated

In 2019/2020, there were 195 properties allocated. 153 of those lets were to SIC properties.  42 applicants were housed by Hjaltland Housing Association through our nomination agreement.  The table shows the number of lets and nominations by locality.

2019/2020 Locality Shetland Islands Council Lets Hjaltland Housing Nominations Total Lets & Nominations
Central 7 19 26
Lerwick & Bressay 55 14 69
North 35 1 36
North Isles 30 0 30
South 9 6 15
West 12 2 14
Whalsay & Skerries 5 0 5
Total 153 42 195


Average Time To Relet

In 2019/2020, it took us an average of 56 days to re-let homes.  This is an increase from 49 days in 2018/2019.  red traffic light for report card

We try our best to re-let properties quickly but there are times when this is not possible.  For example, when there are empty properties but no demand for them or when a high level of works are required to bring them up to standard.  This is an area where we need to improve and we are reviewing our processes to make this more efficient,  while understanding that re-letting a long term empty property can make a real difference to the figure. 


Housing Applications

The number of applications on the housing register at March 2020 was 580, which is very similar to the number from the previous year in March 2019 which was 587. 


Full Charter Submission

Our full Charter submission and the report from the Scottish Housing Regulator on our performance is available from the Housing Office and online.  We have included a summary on the key indicators as identified by tenants through their Landlord Report for the last 5 years.

The Annual Return on the Charter is available through the following link https://www.housingregulator.gov.scot/landlord-performance/landlords/shetland-islands-council


Feedback on Report Card

We would be keen to hear what you think of the information included in the Report Card – please let us know your thoughts.  You can share your views with us by email or telephone using the contact details below.

If you require a paper copy of the Report Card please contact us.


How to Contact Us


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