Housing Transfers and Mutual Exchanges

You can apply to transfer to another house by completing an application. Transfer applications are pointed in the same way as waiting list applications. Our Mutual Exchange Leaflet is also available to download.

Any Council tenant can apply to join a Mutual Exchange scheme. Most mutual exchanges take place within Shetland although there are some opportunities for Council tenants to exchange to other Council or Housing Associations across the UK.

The Mutual Exchange scheme is designed to help tenants who want to move within Shetland and who are tenants of the Shetland Islands Council or Hjaltland Housing Association. If two tenants agree that they would like to swap houses, each must request this in writing and not move until each landlord has given their written consent. Your Housing Officer can give you further information and advice and you can download the Mutual Exchange leaflet.

Home Swapper
SIC and HHA are partners with HomeSwapper, the national home swap service with which you can register. The easy to use web-based service is free to all SIC and Hjaltland tenants looking to exchange a house across the UK. If you find a suitable property to exchange to, all parties must obtain the formal approval of their landlord.