Allocation Details

SIC Allocation Details

A points system is used to identify which applicants on the housing register are in greatest housing need. The greater your housing need, the more points you will be entitled to and the greater your chance of being offered a Council house. There is high demand and being near the top of a list at any point in time is no guarantee of allocation.

When you fill in your form you will also be applying to be housed by Hjaltland Housing Association, unless you decide to opt out. Hjaltland have their own Allocation Policy on their website.  Our full Allocation Policy is here on our Policy page.

You can be accepted on to our Housing Register if you are aged 16 years old or above.

Allocation of SIC Properties

If you are a transfer or waiting list applicant your position on the register will depend on the number of points you have. If you are a homeless or a special case applicant, your application will not be pointed. Instead, your position on the register will depend on the date of your application. Empty houses will usually be allocated to the first applicant on the housing register in one of three quota groups, for the size of the property in the area.

Quota Groups

SIC Housing operate a lettings plan that allocates vacant properties to one of three quota groups in line with agreed targets set by the Council. The 2023/2024 targets are detailed below:-

Area Homeless Waiting List Transfer
Lerwick 60% 20% 20%
Landward 20% 60% 20%


Priority and Points Scheme

Your application will be assessed and pointed based on the information that you provide.  If you need advice about your housing situation or wish to discuss the points awarded to your housing application, please contact us on 01595 744360 and a Housing Officer will be able to help. The following points can be awarded:-

Category Points
*Access to Children 20
Insecurity of Tenure 150
No Fixed Abode 100
Unreasonable to remain 35
Sharing amenities 40
Fostering & Adopting 40
Lack of Amenities 50/100


For each single bedroom lacking

For each double bedroom lacking




Under occupation - For each additional bedroom 50

*Medical points

Unsuitable home—low need









*Social Need points 50/100

*Additional forms need to be completed for these points to be awarded

Circumstances not taken into account

When you apply for SIC housing, we will not take into account:

  • The length of time you have lived in Shetland
  • Any housing related debt which built up while you were not a tenant
  • Any housing related debt which is no longer outstanding
  • Any outstanding debt which is less than 1 month’s rent or for which you have made satisfactory arrangements and are paying 
  • Any debt you or a member of your household owes to a Local Authority or Registered Social Landlord which is not related to the tenancy of a house e.g. Council Tax
  • Your age, so long as you are at least 16
  • You or your family’s income
  • Whether you or your family own a property.