Family History

Are you interested in Family History?

At the Lerwick registrar's office there is access to DIGROS (Digital Imaging of the Genealogical records of Scotland's people) This consists of digital images of all Scottish Births, Deaths and Marriage since the start of registration in 1855. There is also access to Old Parish Records and Census records from 1841 - 1901.

There are two types of searches

  • A particular search - this is for information about a birth, death or marriage checking over a 5 year period. The cost for this type of search is £5
  • A general search - a search by the registrar of the records relating to your family tree. The cost of this is £15 per hour. You would sit with the registrar while the search is carried out, you can take notes of any of the details from the registered entries. You can also buy prints of the historical records at a cost of 10p each. 'Historical records' are births that occured over 100 years ago, deaths over 50 years and marriages over 75 years.

If you are interested in searching the records please contact the Lerwick office to arrange a suitable time.