Registrar Details

The Shetland Islands registration main office is based in Lerwick Town Hall, and is normally open 9am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 4pm Monday to Friday. 

Any birth or death that occurs anywhere in Scotland can be registered in any registration district in Scotland.

The Registrar offers an appointment only service.  

From 24 September 2022, registration of births, deaths or stillbirths can be carried out remotely.   

Please call or email in advance to discuss your registration requirements, and to arrange an appointment. 

Office Registrar Address Telephone Number email 
Chief Registrar:
Mrs M Williamson
Chief Registrar:
Mrs A Jeromson
Depute Registrar:
Sherri Malcolmson
Town Hall, Lerwick, ZE1 0HB

01595 744562


01595 744526