Council budget

Council Budget 2021/22

The Shetland Islands Council’s 2021/22 budget will ensure that council-provided services across Shetland continue to deliver the best outcomes for Shetland in line with Council’s Corporate Plan “Our Ambitions 2021-26 and the Shetland Partnership Plan.

The Council delivers a wide range of services to the Shetland public and in 2021/22 we are to spend £171 million on these.

The Council manages a number of budgets: 

  • General Fund - for general day to day operational purposes - £123m
  • Harbour Account - for the operation of various ports and harbours - £22m
  • Housing Revenue Accounts - for the council's social housing stock - £5m
  • Capital Account - for asset investment projects - £21m

The 2021/222 Budget Book

Pension Fund

In addition we are the administering authority for the Shetland Islands Council Pension Fund.  The Pension Fund has an operational budget for 2021/22 of £19m.

The Pension Fund website contains information regarding pensions.


The Finance Service manages investments for both the Council and the Pension Fund, where both portfolios are diversified to reduce risk and have separate investment strategies. Risk is managed by having multiple fund managers, investments in different asset classes and by spreading the investments across the world.

At 31 March 2020 the value of investments was:

  • Council Investments - £314m
  • Pension Fund Investments - £459m

Annual Investment & Treasury Strategy 2021/22

Medium Term Financial Plan

The current 2020-2026 Medium Term Financial Plan approved on 16 December 2020 sets out the financial plan for the next 5 years. A key focus will be on sustainability whilst meeting service demands in today’s challenging environment.