Filming in Shetland

Shetland Islands Council works in conjunction with the regional film offices as part of the Scottish Locations Network. The Council can provide a fast, free, confidential and informative service to help realise a project, whether it’s a feature film, advertisement, music video or a stills shoot. The Council can offer:

  • An image gathering service
  • A free location-finding service covering the islands
  • Familiarisation trips and possible financial help with recces
  • Assistance with research
  • Knowledge of local services from car-hire to set builders and accommodation to local experts

If you are interested in filming in Shetland or are aware of crews filming in Shetland, please contact Leah Irvine, the Film Liaison officer at Shetland Islands Council, who will be happy to help with any enquiries - tel: +44 (0)1595 744911 or email:

Leah Irvine
Development Officer
Shetland Islands Council
Economic Development Service
3 North Ness Business Park
Shetland, ZE1 0LZ