Action for Businesses

National targets and local aims

Scotland has set an ambitious target, to become net zero by 2045. In order to meet this target, it will take action from everyone in society, including businesses.

We would like to support businesses to draw up plans for reducing emissions and adapting to climate change. In reducing emissions, the first step is to establish your current emissions as fully as you can: consider the energy you use, fuel you put in your vehicles and, if you can, the energy used by others on your behalf, by your staff and suppliers, for example. This means establishing baselines, setting targets and milestones, sharing and celebrating progress as planning develops. The scale and type of action taken, will vary between businesses, but it is up to each business to ensure that it is contributing to reducing emissions in a way that benefits all.

The Scottish Government has plans in place to support businesses decarbonise as well as funding the creation of green jobs, and work with a number of partners offering tailored support services.